Basement Underpinning & Waterproofing in Scarborough

At True North Underpinning, our team offers property owners basement underpinning and waterproofing services in Scarborough. Our foundation technicians use our structural knowledge to handle a range of projects.

Our experience ensures we are ready to execute both waterproofing solutions and underpinning contractor work to give you the perfectly finished basement you always hoped for. Find out more about our basement underpinning and waterproofing in Scarborough.

Basement Underpinning Services in Scarborough

The foundation technicians at True North Underpinning provide a selection of basement underpinning services in Scarborough. From bench footing to structural steel installation, our services are extensive and completed by specialists.

Basement Underpinning

Reinforcing the property’s foundation is the main aim of basement underpinning. Our team can make sure the entire understructure is fortified, which we do by completing an excavation and concrete filling approach. After we install the new foundation’s high-grade flooring, your finished basement will be safe and spacious.

Bench Footings

Throughout Scarborough, we can provide bench footing services in the basements of your property. The structure we craft in this process is a ‘concrete bench-type’ composition. We place this structure inside the walls, beneath which we construct a basement floor. The result is additional usable space within the basement.

Crawl Space Conversions

Our foundation technicians provide crawl space conversion services in Scarborough. We transform the space so that you can make the most of the additional square footage. Our crawl space conversions result in a fully functional, new space, which you could use as a room for gaming.

Structural Steel Installation

Our team can complete structural steel installation for properties in the Scarborough location. From using steel pier foundations to building footings, each process we use will reinforce the structure beneath the foundation walls as we work to ensure weakened structures do not threaten the integrity of your property.

Waterproofing Services in Scarborough

At True North Underpinning, we also provide waterproofing services in Scarborough––a crucial process due to extreme weather fluctuations. In our waterproofing project work, we make it a priority to ensure there are no leaks or related water damage.

Basement Waterproofing

We can utilize coatings that are resistant to moisture, as well as exterior waterproofing techniques when we complete basement waterproofing in Scarborough. Through this process, we eliminate moisture and seeping water in your basement to ensure it remains completely dry.

Weeping Tile Installation

We use weeping tile installation along with perforated pipes and additional advanced waterproofing approaches to guard and protect your home against water damage. Every weeping tile solution we use when we install weeping tile systems goes through a safety check, plus a quality review, guaranteeing its quality for the project.

Sump Pump Pit Installation

As part of our suite of waterproofing services, we complete sump pump pit installations. We execute this technique to ensure that large amounts of accumulated water travel away from the property and do not lead to water damage. This technique can help properties in Scarborough, which receives significant rainfall throughout the year.

Other Basement Services in Scarborough

Other basement services in Scarborough are available through our experts at True North Underpinning. We can complete basement plumbing, in-floor heating, basement walkout construction services, and other comprehensive structural work.

In-Floor Heating

Our extensive experience with radiant floor heating systems means we can install in-floor heating in your Scarborough home. If you are looking for a comforting radiant heat system that is more efficient than an air heating option, we can provide options that work with a few visually stunning floor coverings.

Basement Plumbing

True North Underpinning can offer a full suite of basement plumbing services. From ensuring hot water flows perfectly in your basement to completing pipe installations, we can offer the basement plumbing services you need for the optimal finished basement with access to flowing water.

Basement Walkouts

Our team can craft a seamless, functional exit to your basement with our basement walkout services. Our work in this area can add value to your property and match perfectly with the existing Scarborough home’s architecture with the transformation of the space creating an independent, separate unit.

Why Choose True North Underpinning?

Our foundation specialists are fully familiar with the structure of homes in the Scarborough area. This understanding means we can implement structural work and basement reforms that will always work in line with the specific features of your property.

We offer more than 10 years of specialist foundation and waterproofing work, satisfying customers in every project. Our commitment to customer satisfaction can be seen in our client reviews, and we aim to replicate this satisfaction for each homeowner we work with in Scarborough.

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