Basement Walkout Contractors in Toronto

True North Underpinning offers specialized basement walkout contractor services in Toronto. Our walkout basement construction method offers a high-grade process for creating and enhancing accessibility to your basement area, providing an entry and exit that is independent of your main home while increasing natural light. 

What Is A Basement Walkout?

Basement walkouts are basements with an independent exterior entrance and exit. They require an excavation process and additional steps, such as land leveling, to create a ‘walkout’ access point. These construction processes are ideal for property owners looking to make the living space more accessible with an additional basement entrance.  

The Benefits Of A Basement Walkout in Toronto

Walkout basement construction offers numerous structural and home-enhancing benefits. The following points are some of the advantages of our construction process:  

Ease Of Access & Rental Potential

With a new basement door opening and a separate, independent entrance, we enhance the ease of access to your basement. The process also improves your basement’s rental potential since we make the space a separate unit with a separate entrance. 

Increase Home Value

Basement walkouts increase a home’s value more than traditional basements by providing a more functional and accessible space, increasing the home’s liveable square footage. They increase the value of your investment and offer a selling point for your home. 

Adds Natural Light

As part of the construction process, qualified teams can add windows to the walls above ground level within your basement. This process provides a viable method to add extra natural light to your home’s lower level.  

The Process Of Installing A Basement Walkout

The process of installing a basement walkout involves a few steps. Obtaining the required permits is a legal requirement in Toronto and ensures safe construction meets the industry standards. 

Our approach to walkout basement construction then involves excavations or demolitions to create the space needed for the separate entrance area, which we then fill by having footings poured.  

Weeping tiles are installed on the new foundation’s base. We then strengthen the foundation, build the foundation walls, and complete the waterproofing processes by applying a first and final layer of waterproof membrane.  

After connecting the drainage system to the sump pump and checking the backfill, we complete the finishing steps, install concrete stairs, and reinforce the landing. 

The Cost Of Installing A Basement Walkout

Each basement walkout construction cost can vary significantly. Many factors, such as the depth of the basement and excavation, the size of the space, the materials you select, and drainage requirements, can affect the price. 

Arranging a site inspection with True North Underpinning can give you a bespoke quote. Book your free estimate with True North for more information. 

Why Choose True North Underpinning For Basement Walkouts

At True North Underpinning, we prioritize high-quality foundation and construction work, which is paired with our years of expertise. Our focus is to provide excellent, long-lasting basement walkouts and the following benefits. 

Special Insurance

Our special insurance coverage is extensive, ensuring homeowners are confident their property is protected in the event of structural damage or accidents. 

In-Depth Knowledge of Toronto Areas

We have an in-depth knowledge of the Toronto area that makes us experts in the architecture of Toronto-based homes. We are well-prepared to offer bespoke services that align with your property’s structure and soil characteristics. 

Customer Service

We make it a priority to offer excellent customer service, communicating effectively with our clients and keeping them informed throughout the entire walkout basement construction process. 

Proven Track Record

With five-star reviews and positive testimonials, we have a proven track record of walkout basement construction success, showing our high-grade services are effective and long-lasting. 


Our dedication to quality and safety ensures we deliver projects that show construction excellence and adhere to safety regulations throughout our work. We use the highest industry standards and prioritize safety with equipment usage.  

Basement Walkouts in Toronto FAQs

To give you more information on our walkout basement services, here are some key frequently asked questions and answers. 

The average timeframe is between three and six weeks. However, this timeframe can be longer or shorter. Each basement walkout process can vary in duration, with many factors affecting it. The ease of basement access and the quality of the soil or concrete are two factors to consider.  

When you entrust True North to complete your basement walkout, the project manager will help you handle every aspect of the project. We can handle excavation and craft functional, easy-to-use exits that align with your property’s structure and architecture. 

The cost of a basement walkout can vary depending on several factors, including the materials required, the depth of the basement or excavation, drainage requirements, and more. Contact True North for a specialized quote to discover more. 

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