Basement In-Floor Heating in Toronto

At True North Underpinning, we provide leading basement in-floor heating installation in Toronto to add an effective and evenly distributed heat source to your space. Our years of experience enable us to offer an enhanced level of warmth and comfort through radiant heating installations for basement floors, making the room the perfect living space.

The Benefits Of In-Floor Heating For Your Toronto Basement

In-floor heating provides a range of living space-improving benefits for your Toronto basement, allowing you to enjoy a more functional, warm, and comfortable space. Here are some of the advantages of basement heating for floors and our services:  

Increase Home Value

Heating for basement floors can increase your home’s value. With radiant heat beneath the basement floors, we install a feature that homebuyers will value, helping you sell your property for a higher price. 

Cozy All-Year Round

Adding radiant heating to basement floors can significantly increase the level of comfort in your Toronto home, keeping you cozy all year round—especially during the winter months.  

Lower Heating Costs

A well-installed, high-grade basement heating system for basement floors can bring you lower heating costs than forced air systems or air heating systems, providing the optimal heat output. We ensure your basement is less prone to excessive energy usage with installations that can save you money. 

Improved Air Quality

By having us install heating for basement floors, humidity and mould growth are significantly reduced due to seamless heat distribution. It leads to improved air quality and a more comfortable living space. 

Ideal Flooring Coverings For Radiant In-Floor Heating

As one of our basement services, True North Underpinning can install radiant in-floor heating systems, such as electric radiant floors, that work with a range of floor coverings. Several floor coverings that work well when laid on top of the types of systems we install include ceramic tiled floors, concrete slabs, laminate, and natural stone flooring. 

The Cost Of Heating for Basement Floors

The installation cost of heating for basement floors varies from project to project. Some of the specific factors we consider are the type of radiant floor heat system, the materials, the labor costs, and the area or size of the basement floor you intend to heat. 

We can offer free, individualized estimates for your project and inspect the site to provide specific details on converting cold flooring into a comfortable, warm space. Contact us for more information. 

Why Choose True North Underpinning For Basement In-Floor Heating

When selecting a contractor for basement in-floor heating, leading experts stand out and provide top results. True North combines its decades of expertise and technical knowledge to bring you quality results and multiple benefits. 

Special Insurance

We have special insurance to cover the properties we work on. Every client has the reassurance that their home is well protected when we install basement in-floor heating. 

In-Depth Knowledge of Toronto Areas

Our extensive understanding and knowledge of home architecture in the Toronto area perfectly positions us to complete under-floor heating installation in our clients’ homes. 

Customer Service

We have a full portfolio of basement floor heating installation success and a proven track record of client satisfaction, reflected in highly positive customer reviews. 

Proven Track Record

We have a full portfolio of basement floor heating installation success and a proven track record of client satisfaction, reflected in highly positive customer reviews. 


Safety is a key priority at True North Underpinning. We keep our focus on the essential safety regulations to ensure we uphold protective safety protocols throughout the project.  

Basement Floor Heating in Toronto FAQs

To provide extra guidance on basement floor heating installation, we provide key answers to common questions related to the installation process. 

While installation can potentially take a couple of weeks, the extent of the required work, including site inspection, installation, and post-installation support will vary. The timeframe will depend on your basement’s size and accessibility. True North Underpinning is available to complete a free site inspection––book yours today to get a quote.  

True North specializes in basement in-floor heating. We offer electric radiant floors that are compatible with tiled floors, concrete slabs, natural stone, and a few other floor coverings. Contact us to find out more about our in-floor heating installation services. 

Our basement floor heating installation process can take between three days to two weeks. The timeframe will depend on a few factors, including the size of your basement and its existing infrastructure. Arrange a site inspection at no cost to receive your personalized estimate. 

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True North Underpinning is equipped with the expertise to make your basement a comfortable space with radiant floor heating installations. Choosing our team will ensure you receive the optimal installation process that works for your Toronto home and gives you a warm basement all year round.

Select True North for basement in-floor installation services in Toronto. Contact us to arrange your free assessment and learn more about how we can elevate the level of comfort in your basement.