Basement Underpinning & Waterproofing in East York

At True North Underpinning, we provide the residents of East York basement and waterproofing services. We complete focused structural work and use our expertise for each project.

Our experienced team can transform your basement and ensure it’s watertight. Explore our basement underpinning and waterproofing services in East York.

Basement Underpinning Services in East York

We can offer a range of basement underpinning services in East York. Our range of services can support your home’s foundation.

Basement Underpinning

We can extend the depth of the property’s foundation walls with this basement underpinning service. We also work to reinforce the foundation beneath the basement floor to strengthen it. Our aim is to provide a safe-structured space. We achieve this by digging holes under the footing and filling them with concrete.

Bench Footings

Looking for bench footing services in East York? With our foundation engineering approach, we build new, lower foundation layers in the basement. Our team can increase the usable space with this technique so that you can enjoy a functional room with greater height!

Crawl Space Conversions

Our True North team can transform the unused space below your home, making it comfortable and functional. As we commence and complete converting the crawl space, we provide a full, finished basement that can work as a separate unit in your East York home.

Structural Steel Installation

We offer structural steel installation services and can build reinforced steel structures. Our process involves building steel footings which can strengthen existing foundations. We will use steel pier foundations for foundation repair and correct basement foundation problems.

Waterproofing Services in East York

The experts at True North are proud to provide waterproofing services in East York––a necessary step that’s essential for keeping your basement dry. True North’s comprehensive services will keep your home watertight.

Basement Waterproofing

We provide top basement waterproofing in East York. It aligns with your specific property requirements. Some of our advanced waterproofing techniques include impermeable waterproof coating application and the use of membranes.

Weeping Tile Installation

We employ weeping tile installation as an advanced waterproofing technique. As the basement’s weeping tile system is installed, your space is efficiently safeguarded from water with effective perforated pipes working against water accumulation.

Sump Pump Pit Installation

Sump pump pit installation and maintenance are additional services we offer in the East York area. Our expert technicians securely and accurately install the sump pump to ensure that accumulated water is always guided away from your property. It’s a necessary step, ideal for locations that experience heavy rainfall.

Other Basement Services in East York

Our foundation technicians can offer other basement services in East York to make your basement space comfortable. We offer the following additional services.

In-Floor Heating

The comfort that comes from in-floor heating and radiant floor heating systems in your basement can thoroughly enhance your space. We offer various types of radiant floor heating installation that work with several floor coverings so that on those colder days you can remain comfortable in your basement with radiant heat.

Basement Plumbing

With basement plumbing services, we can ensure cold and hot water runs smoothly in your space. Whether you need basement drainage or leaky pipe repairs, we employ our basement plumbing services to cover this.

Basement Walkouts

We can construct functional exits to ensure your basement can function as an entirely independent unit! Our basement walkout services also provide a safe entrance to enhance the property’s value. Every walkout project we offer will align with your property’s architecture and structure.

Why Choose True North Underpinning?

At True North Underpinning, we have a thorough understanding of East York homes and their architecture, honed through more than a decade of foundation structural work. At the same time, we recognize that each home is unique.

We tailor our suite of basement underpinning and waterproofing services to your home and bring years of experience to each project. We are committed to exceptional customer service and focus on providing you with the basement you’ve been hoping for.

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