Basement Plumbing & Rough-Ins Toronto

Our team at True North Underpinning has expertise in providing basement plumbing services for Toronto homeowners. We can complete a full range of basement plumbing offerings including bathroom rough-ins, basement floor drains, sump pumps, and more. Rely on True North for specialized basement plumbing and rough-in services. 

Basement Plumbing Services We Offer

We are focused on delivering quality, functional basement plumbing services to Toronto property owners. Our method is tailored to your property’s specific conditions. We provide unique, well-executed results.   

Bathroom Rough-Ins

True North employs planning techniques and plumbing rough-in installation methods, focusing on installing pipes for your basement bathroom. As well as our basement services, here are some of the specific bathroom rough-in services we offer. 

New Washroom Rough-Ins

Our full new washroom rough-in service is designed to bring all plumbing lines together and make preparations to connect the lines to your fixtures. We use precise marking and framing methods to indicate the locations of the fixtures before the washroom plumbing installation process. 

Standard Toilet Rough-Ins

We utilize advanced technical methods for completing standard toilet rough-ins, accurately taking rough-in measurements before marking the location of the toilet flange and drain line. Our basement toilet rough-in process can be completed as part of the washroom or individually. 

Bathtub Rough-Ins

Plumbing connections are essential for basement bathtub rough-ins. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring precise plumbing connection designs align with building codes and regulations before installing the drain to complete this process. 

Shower Rough-Ins

Our basement shower rough-in services focus on the accurate installation of plumbing lines and mounting the shower rough-in valve with precision. True North can complete shower rough-ins individually or as part of the washroom. 

Basement Floor Drain

With a basement floor drain installed, water generated within the basement area is directed toward the sewer system. We can install basement floor drains to keep your basement floor dry, ensuring the water is directed to the sump pump.  


We use specialized installation techniques to add a submersible, valve-featuring sump pump to the lowest part of your property, ensuring accumulated water is guided to a drainage area. It’s highly effective during periods of excessive rainfall. 

Water Supply Line

Your water supply line is one of the most important features of a functional basement bathroom. We exercise our specialist experience to install new water supply lines so they match building code regulations, evaluating the distance of the line so it is prepared for the fixtures. 

Basement Kitchen Rough-Ins

We use our expert knowledge of waste outlets, pipe lengths, and plumbing to complete basement kitchen rough-ins, handling all the work required to install pipes in the walls that lead to the kitchen fixtures. 

Basement Laundry-Room Rough-Ins

Basement laundry room rough-ins require expertise to ensure all plumbing lines are functional and work as expected. True North can run water lines and drains with vent lines to ensure your laundry room’s washing machine expels negative pressure correctly and gas away from your home. 

Why Choose True North Underpinning For Basement Plumbing & Rough-In Needs

Selecting the True North Underpinning team for basement plumbing and rough-in needs gives you the expertise, specialized experience, solutions, and services that align with your unique property requirements. 

Special Insurance

We have special insurance established for our basement plumbing and rough-in projects, putting our client’s minds at ease and offering financial protection for the homeowner and our team. 

In-Depth Knowledge of Toronto Areas

Our team has a thorough knowledge and experience of Toronto building structures, making us the leading local experts in delivering basement plumbing and rough-in solutions that meet your requirements. 

Customer Service

We take on all basement plumbing projects with customer service as the focus of our work. Our key priority is to communicate transparently with our clients and inform you at each stage of the project, keeping you up to date with plumbing connection plans. 

Proven Track Record

Our success in completing basement plumbing and rough-in projects is shown in our positive client testimonials and ability to complete complex work that aligns with expectations.  


We are fully compliant with current safety regulations, ensuring that our rough-in and basement plumbing work meets the expected standards. Safety is our priority in every project. 

Basement Plumbing & Rough-Ins FAQ

To give additional details and facts on basement plumbing and rough-ins, we answer vital frequently asked questions related to these services.   

The duration of a basement rough-in process can vary. Depending on the work required, our team can complete the project in a few days. However, with an intricate or complex plumbing system, the project may take a couple of weeks. 


At True North Underpinning, we offer our clients free estimates alongside an on-site visit to your property. We can give you a quote that matches the rough-in and plumbing required. Contact us for further details or to set up your on-site visit. 

The cost of a basement rough-in can vary depending on the number of fixtures and plumbing lines you need installed. It can also depend on the complexity of the installation. Don’t hesitate to contact us at True North Underpinning for more information. We are proud to provide free estimates for your project, no obligation required! 

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Your finished basement with a well-installed bathroom plumbing rough-in can provide the perfect functional living space. Our experts offer the leading basement rough-in solutions and finishes to deliver practical results in Toronto. Contact True North Underpinning today for a free estimate and let us start the basement plumbing work for a usable space.